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We offer a variety of package enhancements!

Cinematic Highlight Film

One of the best parts about having a wedding video is sharing it with friends & family. But no matter how exciting your video is, it’s likely no one wants to watch yours all the way through. Our highlights video is an artistic & exciting documentation of your day wrapped up in 5 minutes! Oh, and you get to share it online with everyone via our blog, facebook, etc. Check them out on our blog, it’s our most popular feature!


Super 8mm Film

If you are looking for something different then this is it! We shoot your wedding not only in HD but with classic Super 8mm film, making your modern wedding film take on a vintage and nostalgic flair.


Theatrical Trailer

Just like a movie trailer you see in the theatre, we take the perfect moments of your day and craft them into a 1-2 minute trailer that your guaranteed to love! It’s great to share with friends and family. We post your trailer on our blog, allowing you to share on facebook or email, turning your special day into an instant “viral” video!


Honeymoon Film

We give you a GoPro Hero HD camera to film your honeymoon however you like. Then we edit your footage into one awesome and fun video recapping your trip!


Next Day Edit

We edit your highlight film or trailer the very next day and post it on our blog, allowing your guests to see and share your video while your away on your honeymoon!


Guest Interviews

Don’t worry, we aren’t that videographer that goes around with a light and microphone persuading guests to “say something to the happy couple”. What we do is simple. We coordinate with your DJ/Band to make a brief announcement that we have a camera set up outside in the atrium of your reception venue. This allows guests to say something to you in an informal way, on their own, when they want. You never know what someone is going to say, but its sure to be hilarious, heartfelt and priceless.


Photo Slideshow

We create a fancy and fun video of all your childhood and family pictures to illustrate the journey you took to get to this day. Pick a few songs and give us between 60-80 digital photos and we will make something you and your guests will enjoy at your rehearsal or reception.


Blu-Ray Upgrade

We are proud to shoot all of our weddings in HD video quality. Without boring you in techno-babble, we still mainly produce our wedding DVD in the standard definition format we have all come to love over the past 5-10 years. The reason is because the demand hasn’t quite peaked for new HD Blu-Ray players and DVDs. It’s still new and relatively expensive. However, for the family that has already made the jump to HDTV and Blu-Ray, we offer you the additional option to have your wedding DVD delivered in all its HD glory on a Blu-Ray disc.


Rehearsal Dinner

Have all the laughs and tears of your rehearsal dinner captured and included in your wedding video.


USB drive

HD & ipod ready files of your wedding in the palm of your hand! Perfect for preserving all your wedding memories and a portable way to share with your loved-ones.


Live Video Streaming

Some of your friends and family can’t┬ámake it to your wedding? No problem. Share your special moment live with friends and family anywhere in the world! (Only requirement is wireless internet access on venue site)