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Weddings by 516 Cinema

2011 Wedding Demo Reel from Five Sixteen Cinema on Vimeo As I put together this film, I am reminded of how great my job is! I get to experience and capture so much LOVE! It is truly the greatest thing on earth and it’s my job as a wedding cinematographer to capture, preserve and share that love with the world. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better job! So sit back, press play and enjoy this film. I promise it will make you happy!

Adventures in Fiji

Fiji 2011 from 516 Cinema on Vimeo. Bula! from Fiji… voted the happiest place on earth!! We traveled to Fiji back in November, and I would have to agree, it is the happiest place I’ve ever been! Truly the world’s friendliest people and some of the most gorgeous landscape you’ll find in the world. We stayed at the Koro Sun Resort & Spa (you may recognize it from last season of The Bachelorette). Yes, I’m admitting to watching the Bachelorette! The resort was great, with our own private villa &... Read The Rest →

Brian + April [Highlights] – Shh…it’s a 516 surprise!

Brian + April [Highlights] | A 516 Surprise! from 516 Cinema on Vimeo. Brian + April [Highlights] – A 516 Surprise! from Five Sixteen Cinema on Vimeo I have to say that this was one of our favorite weddings of the year! No offense to any of our other couples, they have all been great!! But this wedding had something extra… We got to surprise the bride! I love surprises, and this one couldn’t have gone any better! The bride had no idea we were going to be there to film her big day.... Read The Rest →

Yao-chang + Shih-han’s wedding Highlights | Ann Arbor, MI

Yao-chang + Shih-han [Highlights] | Tea Time! from 516 Cinema on Vimeo. Yao-chang + Shih-han [Highlights] from Five Sixteen Cinema on Vimeo Ok, so I have to say…this wedding was one of my favorites of the year! Yao-chang and Shih-han were such an awesome couple to work with. I think I literally had a smile on my face the entire day! Ok, except for the 5 minutes we got poured on and thought our equipment may get ruined… but even that couldn’t ruin the day. With such a great wedding party, super friendly, easygoing... Read The Rest →

Hamtramck | Grace Baptist Church

Hamtramck | Grace Baptist Church from Five Sixteen Productions on Vimeo At Five Sixteen, the majority of our work involves weddings (which we love, don’t get me wrong)… but we also have a passion for creating films for non-profits and churches. We had the opportunity to create a documentary film for Grace Baptist Church, a new church plant in the city of Hamtramck. It was a amazing to see the diversity and culture in the city, as well as the poverty and despair. The need for a Christ-centered church in the city is clear... Read The Rest →

Kurtis + Lauhnna’s Wedding Highlights | Clarkston, MI

Kurtis + Lauhnna [Highlights] | Vintage Flair from 516 Cinema on Vimeo. I had the great privilege of filming the wedding of my former high school rival, turned college teammate, Lauhnna! It is so awesome to see and share in the special moments of others lives, even more so when its someone you know! I hope you enjoy watching their film as much as I did filming it… Congrats to Kurtis and Lauhnna! Props to Baudoux Photography for some superb photos! Great working with Adam!

Fall Fest ’11 | Bethany Bible Church

Bethany Bible Church | Fall Fest ’11 from 516 Cinema on Vimeo. Fall Fest ’11 from Five Sixteen Cinema on Vimeo A quick look at the Annual Fall Fest held at Bethany Bible Church in Belleville, MI. It was an awesomely fun day and perfect fall weather! God is great and richly blessing this church. Check out the video and see for yourself!

Bridesmaid Rap | Fresh Prince Style

Bridesmaid Rap from 516 Cinema on Vimeo. Bridesmaid Rap from Five Sixteen Cinema on Vimeo This is the BEST rapping I’ve seen done by a group of bridesmaids (well… maybe the only rapping I’ve seen done by bridesmaids), but it was great! This is only a glimpse of the fun and surprises that went down at this wedding… keep an eye out for more.

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